AUTUMN’S CONCERTO (2009) taiwanese drama


  • Title: 下一站,幸福 / Xia Yi Zhan, Xing Fu
  • Also known as: Autumn’s Concerto / Next Stop, Happiness
  • Director: Chen Hui Ling
  • Screenwriter: Chen Hui Ling, Chen Hui Zhen, Zeng Yong Ting, Huang Ji Rou, Wang Yu Qi, Lu Yi Hua
  • Genre: Romance / Drama
  • Episodes: 34
  • Broadcast network: SETTV
  • Broadcast period: 2009-Oct-04 to 2010-Feb-28
  • Opening theme song: I Love Him by Della Ding
  • Ending theme song: Suddenly Want to Love You by Della Ding and Wakin Chau
  • Country: Taiwan

Ren Guang Xi, a cocky law student, seems to lead the perfect life. He’s the sole successor to a huge and famous business and a talented ice hockey player. But in reality, his lonely life lacks joy, laughter and motivation. That is until he meets Liang Mu Cheng, the new bento seller at his school canteen. Although orphaned at a young age, Mu Cheng does not let her past affect her and lives life with great passion and determination. A harmless bet brings the two together and Guang Xi slowly changes as Mu Cheng teaches him how to give and love. Tragedy strikes when Guang Xi suddenly has to go through a major brain surgery which causes him to lose his memory. His mother begs Mu Cheng to leave him and the latter has no choice but to do so. Little does she know that she already has Guang Xi’s child.
Six years pass. Mu Cheng lives a quiet life with her young son in the countryside while Guang Xi is now a successful lawyer and is engaged to He Yi Qian, the kind and beautiful doctor who took care of him after his surgery. A strangely familiar piano piece stirs Guang Xi’s heart as he struggles to recall his past romance with Mu Cheng. How will the couple make up for six years of lost time? Happiness, which stop do I alight at?

17 thoughts on “AUTUMN’S CONCERTO (2009) taiwanese drama

    1. Sa stii ca eu nu stau toata ziua sa verific ce seriale au fost sterse. Era suficient sa ma anunti POLITICOS ca nu mai merg sursele de vizionare si imi faceam timp sa il incarc din nou. Si te rog sa nu imi spui tu mie ce trebuie sters si ce nu, atat timp cat e vorba de munca, timpul si banii mei. Putin bun simt ti-ar prinde bine! O seara buna!

    1. Momentan doar sursa 3 mai functioneaza. De pe celelalte doua surse mi-a fost sters. Cand voi avea timp, voi incerca sa il reincarc pe o alta sursa. E tot mai greu sa gasim un site unde sa incarcam filmele deoarece ni se sterg de peste tot…

  1. Ce se poate spune despre o drama care nu te lasa sa parasesti monitorul, chiar daca ti se inchid ochii spre dimineata? E superb din toate punctele de vedere – subiect lejer, actori buni si frumosi, o intriga bine tesuta; l-am urmarit cu placere, in pofida retinerii fata de limba chineza, care treptat incepe sa-mi placa. Multumesc mult Liliana Matei pentru acest serial tradus impecabil!

    1. Cu mare placere! Incercati sa depasiti retinerile fata de limba chineza si va garantez ca nu veti regreta. Din contra, veti descoperi multe seriale foarte bune si exista riscul sa deveniti chiar dependenta de ele. 🙂

  2. Ce pot sa spun decat un mare multumesc. Frumos serial. Multumesc pentru excelentele alegeri in a traduce si posta . Multumesc de mii de ori.

  3. Pana acum nu am comentat pentru a-mi arata recunostinta . Va multumesc pentru acest minunat serial.

  4. Multumesc frumos pentru traducerea acestui serial foarte bun cu actori minunati iar cel mic este de milioane..

  5. O Doamne ,am ras,am plans, am plans…
    Acest serial face parte din serialele de suflet (ale mele) pe care le revad cu drag .
    Multumirile mele Liliana .Respectele mele si pupici !

  6. Absolut superb acest serial.Mi-a placut tot-tot, de la distributie, micut nu mai spun.M-a topit pur si simplu.Mii de multumiri pentru traducere si postare.Respect pentru munca titanica pe care o faceti.

  7. Multumesc frumos! Niciodata nu-ti voi putea arata recunostinta! 🙂 Poate intr-o viata viitoare!

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