FIVE MINUTES TO TOMORROW (2014) japanese-chinese movie

  • Film: Five minutes to tomorrow
  • Titlu Romaji: Mayonaka no gofun mae
  • Titlu japonez: 真夜中の五分前
  • Titlu chinezesc: 深夜前的五分钟 (Shen Ye Qian De Wu Fen Zhong)
  • Regia: Isao Yukisada
  • Scenariul: Takayoshi Honda / Anne Horiizumi
  • Data premierei: Oct. 03, 2014 (Festivalul International de Film de la Busan)
  • Durata: 126 min.
  • Genul: Drama / Romantic
  • Tara: Japonia / China

A lonely young man (Haruma Miura) happens to meet Ruo Lan who has an identical twin sister, Ru Mei. They are older than him. Ruo Lan tells him about her wound from a painful breakup and her troubles being a twin. While supporting Ruo Lan, the young man gets close to Ruo Lan.

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