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THE GUILLOTINES (2012) chinese movie


  • Movie: The Guillotines
  • Chinese: 血滴子 / Xuè Dī Zǐ
  • Director: Andrew Lau
  • Writer: Jojo Hui/Joyce Chan/Aubrey Lam/Philip Lui/Guo Junli/Chit Ka-kei
  • Release Date: Dec. 20, 2012
  • Runtime: 112 min.
  • Genre: Action / Drama / Martial arts
  • Country: Hong Kong

The Guillotines are the Emperor’s crack hit squad. They each wield a terrifying weapon – a spinning airborne circle of blades that lands around your neck then cuts off your head, and with terrifying speed. But the squad are in for a pack of trouble. Their assigned target is a cult leader with fantastic powers, including the ability to disarm a guillotine. So the Emperor assigns his top man to accompany the squad, apparently with no more aim than to capture the cult leader. The Emperor’s man has another agenda and disharmony ensues. Also, the cult leader proves to be a more complex character and starts to win over some of the group.

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